It is said in Ayurveda “pahla sukh nirogi kaya” and it is really true; we can only think of living a perfect life with pinnacles of success only if we are fit enough to do so. With the advent of technology and our dependence to it, the world gradually shifting toward a sedentary life style and the first resultant of it is weight gain.  Before we get serious that we are putting on weight we are already fat and don’t look like as we used to look few years back. When we realize it we become frantic and start looking for weight loss.

Trust me weight gain was not a single day boom, it comes slowly and we should get rid of it in the same way… slowly.

Any shortcut opted for weight loss may lead to serious trouble and won’t give you a permanent solution.

There are some popular myths related to weight loss, take some time out and read the article to know them better.

Popular Myths

1. Eat less – It is true but only partially….Starvation leads to development of a tendency to store fat in the body.

The correct way is to eat less but eat frequently those looking for weight loss must eat small quantities at every 2-3 hours.

2. Only having fruits – It is true but only partially….fruits are good source of antioxidants but this is not the only requirement of our body. We need other nutritional elements like carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc. So include them as one element but not the only element in food.

Best time to have fruits is in the morning or after work out else can be consumed as a mini meal during the day. Consume seasonal fruits only as it is naturally synchronized with the seasonal requirement of your body.

3. Crash diets – It is true but only partially…. you come across many alluring tag lines “lose weight in 15 days or so…” believe me they are really difficult to follow and though they offer to give you a short time results but it is at the cost of your health, it leads to fatty liver.

The correct way is to get a customized diet plan as per your body type and follow it under supervision of your dietician.

4. Need not to do exercise – It is not true at all….There is no alternate to exercise for achieving a healthy weight loss.

The correct way is to make a disciplined regime of walking, yoga, aerobics, gym training, swimming, etc of at least 45 minutes per day and follow it for at least 5 days in a week.

5. Green tea does miracle – It is true but only partially….Green tea is like any other tea and it can do magic only if walk down to tea gardens to collect them. As while drinking green tea you never mix milk and sugar hence it goes low in calories.

The correct way is to drink 2-3 liters of water during the day and avoid all caffeinated drinks to the possible extent.

6. Avoid Carbohydrates – It is true but only partially….Carbohydrate is essential to provide energy for our day to day working. They are essential food items which are needed every day in your body.

The correct way is by choosing them wisely and select food items with complex carbohydrates (like whole grains, brown rice, oats, ragi, bajra, jwar, rajgiri, etc) over simple carbohydrates (like refined flour, maida, white rice, etc).

7. Stop fat intake It is not true at all….When it comes to lose weight all fats are oMythsften misunderstood, yes it’s true that fat are high in calories but they are needed in the body for joints and internal metabolism. Consuming fat also helps in burning of deposited fat… yes… You read correctly don’t go back. Fat like ghee and cooking oils help to reduce the GI (glycemic index) of the food when eaten with carbohydrates that manages the blood glucose level.

The correct way is to take them in small quantity and choose good fat that is healthy for heart. Natural sources of fat such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, flex seeds, sesame seeds are excellent source of good fat.

8. Skip meals have protein shakes – It is not true at all….Our daily protein requirement is 0.8-1.0 gm/body weight. Any excess of protein intake results in nitrogenous waste which increases pressure on kidneys to excrete them out of the body.

The correct way is to consume protein with in the daily requirement range and essentially combined with complex carbohydrates for better and prolonged results.

9. DETOX Water is magical – It is true but only partially….DETOX water are diffused water with enrichment of micro nutrients they can support weight loss if you can drink them with ease and like its taste.

The correct way is to make the DETOX water freshly, the ingredients in water must not get fermented or rotten. Drink it once a day but never think of replacing food with DETOX water

10. Can’t enjoy your favorite food – It is not true at all….Staying away from your favorite food item will lead to dampen the spirit of motivation. You gradually tend to cheat yourself and take it even if you are told not to eat it.

The correct way is to follow a rule of 3 spoons, eat your favorite food item but limit its quantity to max 3 spoons. This will satisfy the craving and will motivate you to follow the diet plan.

So now you know what is right what is not, now it is up to you to set the things right and follow right path to achieve your goal to relish your life.


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  3. A real myth buster about all the weight issues…..! Very nice information, a must read for all…!

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