10 Tips to boost your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an inbuilt positive quality that is responsible for an overall success, interpersonal and developmental skills of a person. Here, we share some points that will help to boost up your confidence levels to magical heights. Only advice is that just follow them religiously-

1. Be an early bird

Start your day with the sunrise and tune your alarm clock accordingly. If not possible at a single go, try to get up half an hour before and gradually tune your body clock. This way you will have some more minutes to manage all your activities.

2. Stick to your routine

Chart out a routine for yourself on a paper, or a diary or a note, stick to it and develop a habit of following your routine. It has been proven that to develop a habit, you need 21 days of regular practice, then you will start to automatize that particular habit it in your life easily.

3. Practice Cleanliness and get organized

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”. So start it from your home. Arrange your home in order, de-clutter the place where you live and be mess free. While doing so you will feel light both mentally and physically. This will save precious minutes from your day which eventually gets waste in looking for things.

4. Develop a hobby

Indulge yourself in creativity or any kind of the hobby basically of your choice, be it either reading, writing, art, craft, gardening etc. Hone your skills, this will enhance your ability to focus more.

5. Find out the perfect “Me Time”

Give yourself a free “me time” by engaging yourself in exercise and beauty regimes, for this you don’t have to spend a penny, just DIY (Do It Yourself)!

6. Dress yourself

As it is said “first impression is the last impression”, so make it as beautiful as you can, as fantastic as you can. Get out of your miseries and dress well; if not expensive then at least it should be impressive, comfortable and soothing to your persona..!

 7. Be friend honestly

Make some friends wisely and be honest to yourself about it. As the old proverb goes well within our mind- “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. So, don’t be alien, do not hesitate to make friends, there is no harm in it- but try to be true to yourself.

8. Read newspapersconfidence

Explore your reading skills and be in touch with the world. Know your surroundings, be aware of the current affairs. This will not only improve your know how but will help you to be interactive in discussions happening in your groups. You will come across some really helpful articles that you were searching for long!

9. Write your Blacks and Whites

Write down your strengths and weaknesses equally and try to overcome your weaknesses. Suddenly you will find that your strengths list has swelled up which will surely trigger your confidence levels

10. Think positive and find yourself

After all, it is all in the mind, so be positive in your thoughts, weed out the negativities of your life. Sort out the solutions of your problems, try to give answers to yourself about how to tackle your problems- be it mental, physical, social, economic etc.

If you had read the points in full it reflects that you are committed to yourself for improvement; so now pull up your socks and practice 10 tips as mentioned above and get the max out of your life and live it to the fullest!!!


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