Beat depression

Depression; we usually relate the word as a mental disorder but it is not the mind from where it begins. Depression starts from physical fatigue and gradually leads to mental fatigue. We do a lot of things to cure the body but never act to purge the mind and that is the starting point of mental depression.

Here, we will discuss how to beat stress aka ‘depression’ arising due to inability of dealing physical stress and adverse situations of your life. Most of the people carry depression as a mental disorder without knowing that it can be reversed. Mental depression if prolonged leads to a disease due increase in the levels of stress hormone known as Serum Cortisol and Blood Lactate.

It is still a ‘taboo’ or a ‘social stigma’ of our modern society. In contrast to the popular belief, depression is a reversible and curable with some efforts at early stages, if you are aware of how to cope up with “stressful living” you can do it. So let’s work out to beat depression…

  1. Take deep breath – Take a break, take a deep breathe from your engaging lifestyle. Take out time for yourself in the humdrum of your life schedule before it is late. Make a habit of taking deep breath.
  2. Eat judiciously – Take a balanced diet, do not starve yourself or start to over eat when you feel stressed out. Control the intake of carbohydrates and fats; take green leafy vegetable rich in magnesium or other essential minerals that maintain your nutrition as well as hormone levels for your good health.
  3. Get sound sleep- Try to get a good night sleep through relaxation techniques be it a bath before bed, a glass of warm milk, a good book read or a light music.
  4. Share and connect – When in depression, some people cut-off themselves from everyone which is a danger signal. Never encourage this, be connected with your loved ones and share your problems with family or friends. It is perfectly fine to discuss your problems sometimes with your loved ones, it does not make you any less or weak among others, in fact it proves to be one of the indicators about your strengths and courage to open up or speak up what you are undergoing within.
  5. Shed negativity – Negativity is nothing but only a state of your mind. So, improve the state of your mind either by finding a hobby, engaging yourself in productive activities, simply doing things which make you happy like self-grooming, being friendly and helpful to others or writing down your experiences of life, finding a job of your interest that will increase your self-confidence.

Embrace the above and beat the depression to relish your life, say cheers to life!!!

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