Beyond the boundaries

Feelings and senses has no language. Whether you are in your own country or outside, some expressions are same everywhere, either it is pain, sorrow, love or happiness- all have the same way of expressions. Once, I had an opportunity to stayin a different country with my family, where people speak another language. Initially, we faced lots of problem while communicating for our day-to-day nuts and bolts. Another big problem was how my son would learn and understand the language and sustain over there, because when he came he was almost three years old and quite a temperamental kid. A whole lot of difficulties and worries were propping out of my mind while making my way through life over here.

One fine day, I suddenly found that all through these times I was worrying in vain.

So here it goes- Once, I took my little son to a local park where, he was playing in the sand with his handful of toys and dust. While, some other children were also playing around, I was sitting in a corner, just observing my son that how he enjoys with himself. Suddenly, a child came near him and said “beep –beep”!! Initially I did not understand what that child wanted to say to my son. I was just looking up for my son’s response towards him. Unexpectedly, I saw my son interacting with him in whatsoever sign or language he was speaking. He just mingled up with him in his play and together they realElement - Waterly mixed up very well! I was surprised- we elders have so much of pre conceived notions or so called preoccupations that unintentionally, we make our own boundaries for ourselves, a certain cast more like a mold in which we want everyone to fit into.

This proves that language is not a problem, the main problem is our reticence which prevents us to open up and accept things as they come. However, there are some exceptions, but generally children effortlessly blend with people as part of their innate behavior. This is how I realized once again that smile, the tears, sunshine, the air, the clouds, the water, the fear, anger, the dawn, the dusk, the rain, the storm- all remains the same. It does change with boundaries.

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