Coconut Laddu

The yummy ethnic east Indian recipe made from the healthy coconut and milk


  1. Boiled 500 ml of skimmed milk with powdered green cardamom.
  2. Added 300 gm desiccated coconut into boiling skimmed milk, mixed it well.
  3. Keep stirring till it gets thick in consistency.
  4. Then added 200 g powdered sugar*, give a final mix keep stirring then cool the mixture.
  5. Finally made round shaped balls ‘laddu’ out the mixture

Coconut laddu

*Tip for calorie conscious – use low calorie sweetener in place of sugar.



  1. Nice and quick, recipe, yummy laddus…

  2. What a dish….fabulous !!!

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    Excellent Site, Keep up the fantastic work. Regards.

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