Detox with water

While I was surfing through the world of internet, I found some interesting pieces highlighting about the serious indulgence into the weight loss issues. People have a tendency to try and experiment anything new and interesting when it comes into the matters of health, so much so that they tend to follow it religiously; and I was no exception. More interestingly, whenever I used to set some goal, I would initially try to achieve it, but gradually loose interest, conclusively fail to maintain the required consistency every time. Starting afresh from the scratch is really painful, as all the diWater 3ets, all the rigorous courses and all the strict routines do not seem interesting anymore at the end of the day….hence a backup source is required.

Finally, I decided to adapt the formula of ‘first things first’ and in my case it was none the less ‘water’ as it is the basic ingredient of our lives. So, I tried to make my own water literally, drink it regularly at about each thirst and believe me, I am feeling satisfactorily refreshed and energetic and do not ponder much about the scales now. There is no recipe, you only need 1 liter of water, into which you have to add some sliced lemon, cucumber and grated ginger… Yes it is done!!

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