Lauki halwa

Lauki or Bottle gourd is a very common vegetable available throughout the year. It is good source of micro-nutrients but kids are mostly reluctant to eat it in form of vegetable. As a mom there is a constant pressure to balance nutrition of kids.
Here is an interesting recipe made out of bottle gourd which will be loved by kids and adults too…

Lauki halwa

It is a classic dessert packed with goodness of bottle gourd, milk and nuts. It is very easy to make, nutritious and really divine in taste. So for all the dessert lovers here is its recipe

The recipe will serve for 4 persons
Preparation time 15-20 min
Cooking time 40-45 min


Peeled and grated lauki -3 cups
Milk -500 ml
Sugar-1/2 cup
Ghee -1tbsp
Cardamom -1tsp
Cashew nuts – 2 tbsp chopped
Raisins – 6 or 7


For the Halwa
1. Squeeze water from grated bottle gourd and keep it aside.
2. Keep a heavy bottom pan on medium flame and pour milk in it.
3. Boil it and keep stirring to avoid sticking to bottom till the milk is reduced to half.
4. Add grated bottle gourd in it and cook till it becomes light golden brown in color.
5. Add ghee and sugar in it and keep stirring till it acquires a dried texture.
6. Now shift the ready halwa in a serving pan.

For the garnishing
1. Take a shallow pan put 1 tsp of ghee on heating add cashew nuts and raisins.
2. Keep them stirring till it is roasted and a nice aroma is coming out.
3. Add the roasted garnishing to the halwa on the top and
4. Sprinkle some cardamom powder to add on the flavors.

Now it is up to you to serve it hot or cold it taste equally good in both the forms. Your kids will love it and will give you a reason to relish your life.


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