Life balancing act

Struggling to strike a balance in life, do you know the fact that you were born with balancing mechanism, but it got lost with time? Look around your social circle, you find quite a few who are still good at it. How come? What are they doing? Are they different than you?

The answer is a simply NO; the only thing they know is keep the inherited balance mode ON.

Now you must be thinking what is this inherited balance mode?

Let us explain; you came to the world and started breathing that was the first act of balance you did taking in the oxygen and exhaling the carbon out. Later you started crawling than walking, later cycling and so on…you kept on learning new things but all of a sudden you realize that there is no balance in the life and life is appearing skewed.

Why this happened? You were doing all right things throughout the life, struggling to figure out. Let us help you to understand it a bit more.


The only thing you had stopped to leave anything or give away, you are just on the spree of grabbing and keeping everything coming to you. Isn’t it right? By just holding things will not create a balance, you have to leave something to create the balance. The fact is you have to leave a breath to take another one; you simply cannot keep breathing inside and cry for not striking the balance. BINGO you got it!!! Now take a deep breath and read along to decode it more…

Elements of Life balance

1st Element is “Self”

The most challenging thing is managing self, it relates with self discipline, particularly in area of proper sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Self-management is the realization of the fact that available resources, time, and life are finite. It means becoming captain of your own ship; no one else is coming to steer for you.
2nd Element is “Time”

Time is made of moments and every moment happens only once in your life. Also the hours of the days are defined so to strike a balance must know what is both important and urgent, versus important or urgent. Make a strict routine allocate time for self, family, work and ensure that you stick to it.

3rd Element is “Stress”

By nature, world tend to become more complex with time. Getting stressed is inevitable. You get stressed when there are distractions, noise, clutter, confusion making you feel irritated.  Tranquillity is what you should look for inner peace in pressure-filled situation and see that you are focusing on one thing at a time. Take time out for YOGA or exercise and walk in the nature.
4th Element is “Change”

In the fast-paced world, change is virtually the only constant. Continually adopting new methods and re-adapting others is vital to a successful career and a happy home life. Effective change management involves making periodic and concerted efforts to ensure that the volume and rate of change at work and at home does not overwhelm or defeat you.
5th Element is “Technology”

Technology has always been with us, since the first walking stick, flint, spear, and wheel. Effectively managing technology means ensuring that technology serves you, rather than abuses you. It must be used as per the need but ensure that you must rule technology, not let the technology rule you.
6th Element is “Leisure”

The most overlooked element of life balance is leisure. You must know the importance of rest and relaxation. You must inculcate a hobby and use it as a leisure tool. Sitting idle on a couch, listen to your favorite music. Moving around with your loved ones, spending time in what you love to do will not only rejuvenate you but will help you strike the right balance in life.

By managing the above 6 elements you can make the life simple as it was; this will help you striking the balance in life. It was never complicated but accept the fact that you made it complicated. Now you are the one who can make it DE-cluttered and reinvent it. Start it today to relish your life.


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