Terrace Garden Ideas

“As you sow, so shall you reap”- Literally, how true these words are!

The most comforting and striking sights in today’s era of concrete jungle is the greenery; it fills our hearts with eternal joy and pleasure. The earthen texture lures our mind and soul. We all wish to make a garden but the challenges with houses today are of space, which can be overcome by utilizing small area on the terrace or balcony. If you develop an interest in it you can grow some really beautiful flowers, ornamental plants, seasonal vegetables, herbs; but before starting, you need to gather some basic information so as how to start it.

Here, we suggest you some kick starting ides to start up your terrace garden with minimum effort and space but will surely give you a ‘large happy’ feeling….

  1. Get a commitment to start a terrace garden –

To start with terrace garden the first thing is to make up the mind, be watchful for the ideas from all possible sources. Subscribe feeds from blogs, like facebook pages, watch youtube videos related to it.

  1. Select containers/pots as per the space –

You can grow vegetables in large pots, in soil beds made with bricks and filled or even in high quality plastic containers. Choose the container or area so that it does not restrict the plant growth. For tubers, creepers you need deep containers, for ornamental plants or flowers shallow pots is good.

  1. Soil preparation –

The soil used can be made by mixing garden soil, cow dung manure or compost manure. Filter the soil from any stones, weeds, etc. While filling the soil in a pot or container make sure to have a small hole / drain under it so that the excess water is drained out. While creating a raised bed on floor, make sure that the surface is made water proof first then fill it up with soil. This is to ensure that there is no chance of seepage into the structure of the roof/house.

  1. Selection of plants –

It goes with season, so sow seeds as per season to get the best out your terrace garden. You can grow several creepers family plants like all types of gourds with the help of hanging supports. Once the creepers are grown you can grow herbs on the same pot or soil bed. You can select easy to grow plants like tomatoes, chilies, beans, bottle gourds, egg plant, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, onions, garlic, lettuce, corianders, etc.

  1. Hanging garden on terrace –

You can use coke bottles after cutting them into beautiful shapes and attach strings so that you can hang them. Use good quality and enriched soil then plant green leafy ornamental plants like “9 O’clock plant”, money plant, etc in them; it looks awesome on terrace garden.


  1. Vertical terrace garden –

If your terrace area is small, then you can plan to make a vertical terrace garden by use of old ladders, vertical stools, racks, etc (no need to sell then on OLX). You can grow money plants, flowers like bougainvillea, some creepers like beans, gourd etc. on these type of set ups. The plants will get support from the stands, shelves or ladders and grow upward/vertically which looks really beautiful.

  1. Maintaining plants –

You have done a wonderful task of creating a kitchen garden now it needs your time for upkeep. Trim the dried out leaves, give them nice shape. Be watchful for health of plants look for any infections or insects inhabiting the plants. Weed them off timely and save the plant life. Take care that the plants get appropriate sunlight as well as shade whenever required. Give them water and manure for development and survival. If you live in a warm tropical climate and the sun is too strong, it is advisable to provide afternoon shade to plants.

Grow the plants as you are growing a baby and you will find the utmost happiness of your life! Also, it is really one of the mood busters and a great hobby too than enhance your productivity and keeps you motivated all the time, so hang on in your terrace garden to relish your life.

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