The Panchtatva of our lives

In Indian culture, ‘Panchtatva’ represents ‘the five great elements’ from which life arises and it is believed that whole of this universal substances are essentially made up of these “panchtatva” or five basic elements namely- the Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Light), Vaayu (Wind) and Aakaash (Sky). Remarkably, the human body is also made up of ‘panchtatva’ or five elements signifying the five sense organs which are the ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose that facilitate five sensory responses -smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight responsible for maintaining a balance between the inner and the outer environment. Such a strange correlation but so much true and very well explained in the way that whenever, there is an imbalance in ou r internal and external environments our mind, our body and our soul reminds of an unhappy situation. Hence,our cultural ethics and innate sensibility instigates us to live in a peaceful coordination of these five elements-the essence of life!

Together, these elements can be synchronized in accord with our mind, body and soul in a broader perspective-

Earth reprForestesents our Body

The mother earth is the life bearer which represents a solid state-the soil, the flora and fauna, owing to its incredible magnetic fields and gravitational force, which hold onto every living and non-living thing rooted to the earth.As we all know that we connect to the outer world through our bodily sense organs hence, the existence of our being is accountable greatly to our body eventually the most important ‘tatva’ of life!

Water represents our Mind

All life arises from water- the H20 that constitutes about two-third of the earth and similar to the human body.OK! After talking about the earthen, bodily and sensory connectivity, we would like to mention that there still remains a delicate lining of perception other than the body known as the ‘mind’ or ‘man’ that escorts truth to the bodily substances. Both the mind and the body goes hand in hand,without one the other is nothing! But the great drawback of mind is that it is not solid or rigid, rather it is fluctuating or flowing just like water with limitless boundaries!


Fire represents our Intelligence

The word itself is definitive in terms that fire is the vital source of energy and light facilitating the visibility of nature’s beauty in glowing colors.The sensory signals received by the marriage of body and mind is interpreted as thoughts where each thought has its own flying colors, giving rise to a logical outline governed by a refined intelligence.

Again, in the absence of intelligence, our mind would just be an unplanned influx of thoughts without any logical inputs. As the Hindu quote- “तमसो माज्योतिर्गमय ”- it is the intelligence take us away from the darkness of ignorance to the pathway of knowledge and goodwill that brightens our mind, body and soul that strengthens our inner self.

Air represents Awareness

The most essential ‘O2’is the omnipresent, the obvious and the life sustaining “air” is the concomitant of space and surroundings. Air is symbolic to the liveners that awakens or alerts our mindfulness and consciousness that wake upour mind, body and soul. Simple to explain- just like when the air is necessary to light a fire, the awakening is required to boost the passion of intelligence to drive ourselves towards success. Awakening of our mind and soul is just like the water vapor that condenses to form water droplets and if given a typical situation may solidify to form ice totally transforming into a different energy level.

Sky as Consciousness:

The endless, the limitless the infinite horizon leading to space known as ‘sky’ is a house of the whole enchilada. During the daytime, the flawless blue sky beyond is a roof over our head and during the night time it serves as a postern to the shining clusters of glittery stars.  The sky represents consciousness without it nothing is existent in this world just as if everything exists in space, all existence comes into life only because of consciousness. Consciousness cannot be felt or experienced as other elements of life because it remains within….!

All these five elements of life are “पंचभूत” of this cosmos world and equally reflected in every aspects of our life.Almost all of us have read, heard and experienced much about the sublime thoughts of the “Geeta Saar” at some or the other phases of our life’s journey which is uncarved with the bitter truths of life. While being religiously

Panchtatva of our life connected with the Bhagavad-Gita, we put efforts to absorb the some eternal truths into the humdrum of our life. Sometimes we should take your time off to our spiritual enlightenment, a state of connectivity with the mind, body and soul….!!



  1. Nice article relating our lives to PANCHTATVA..

    • Thanks Anand, We are trying to make a meaning blog and your appreciation matters a lot..Please share the word if you like may be worthy for some one else as well..
      RYL team

  2. Nice depicting of element of life explained in a simple way..worth reading

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