Help your child to be Focused

“Work while your work, play while you play”

This quote is very meaningful and relevant, It simply suggest to be focused in the thing you do. As a parent you must have noticed that as your child grows it decreases its focusing ability and it starts at the age of 6 or 7. This all happens as the child is becoming aware of lot of things form variety of sources and is trying to develop an understanding of the topics without being aware of what is right? & what is not?

Here are few guidelines to help you in understanding your child and help him/her in increasing their concentration.

Be organized – Always mind “your children learn more from what you are than what you teach” so be a good role model for them and for this you don’t need to make big efforts just follow simple tips to keep your belongings at their place keep your surroundings neat and tidy, and your kids will follow the same. This will save the time wasted in searching for things.

This will develop the child into an organized person.

Don’t make them a couch potato – RememberMoving the body motivates brain” so make sure that your child is physically active through the day. Encourage your child to play with friends and engage them in any sports of choice, this will make them physically fit and develop concentration.

This will develop sportsman’s spirit in the child.

Make a to-do-list – As your all know ”Listing is the first step of being organized” these days kids have lot of chores and activities, so help them in making a list of everything they need to do for a day or week and tick mark each task once done.

This will enable them to set their priorities.

Make them good listener – You will be astonished to know “Listening skills are vital to success in life” and if you listen your child attentively they will respond the same way. They will be more attentive in class room and will listen to their teachers. parents

This will simplify most of your curriculum related problems.

Make them aware about the right food – It is well known “Healthy mind stays in a healthy body “. It’s very necessary to make your kids aware about the correct choice of food. Trust me there is no need of mind booster drinks, just include seasonal fruits, dry fruits and freshly home cooked food in your child diet to make his development on right track.

This will make the child’s mind and body fit and active.

So follow the simple tips to help your child increase the concentration to make him a successful person in life, it is in your hands to craft his destiny. While you make them enjoy the age it is must to prepare them for future so that they can be a better citizen.


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