Yoga to bust ill effect of desk job

You must have heard people say that their job is killing and yes it is not a joke but it might be true, sitting job is really very harmful you may consider it as ‘new smoking’.

Prolonged sitting induces insulin insensitivity which is the trigger of today’s so called modern life style diseases, this insulin insensitivity leads to obesity (specially around your belly area) and obesity provides a platform to type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases.

Those who spend long time in front of screen also feels tightness in hips, legs, neck, shoulder, back pain and discomfort.

Yoga postures that target these areas can do great for relaxing the entire day stress caused by long sitting. Also as a plus point mind body practice also helps in rejuvenating the stress of high pressure demanding job to feel you calm and energetic.

Here are top five yoga poses which can bring tremendous change in your overall well being and help your bust the stress of your “killing job”neck rotation

1. NECK ROTATION – “It eases neck tension and strain, which is a result of long sitting.”

  • Stand on a firm floor or sit on a chair
  • Move your head forward and backward
  • Then move your head sideways so that ears touch your shoulder
  • Then slowly move your head in a circle firstly clock wise then anti clock wise

Repeat all at least 10 times

2. CAT CAMEL POSE (Marjaryasana & Bitilasana) “ It eases the spinal cord and relieve headaches, making you flexible and release the stiffness”cat cow pose

  • Kneel down on the firm floor with hands resting at same level
  • Now take breath in and suck your tummy inside and lift the back like a camel remain here for few seconds
  • Now breathe out and relax the back to a neutral position.

Repeat it 10 times

3. COBRA POSE (Bhujangasana) “It lengthens the spine, opens up the chest and counteracts sitting arched over all day.”

  • Stretch out on floor with your face downPrint
  • Now put your hands on the ground slightly in front of you and slowly lift the upper body and tuck the elbows into the chest.
  • Push up your upper body supporting your hands, lifting into a slight back bend
  • Look upward and hold for few seconds with a smile.

Repeat it 10 timestadasan

4. MOUNTAIN POSE (Tadasana) “This is a powerful pose to free up leg muscles, distressing long sitting”

  • Stand on a firm floor with your hands on your side.
  • Slowly lift both the hands and join the palms above your head
  • Now lift yourself on the toes and remain in this posture for few seconds, breath calmly
  • Slowly get back to normal standing pose and repeat

Repeat it 5 times

5. BUTTERFLY POSE “It relaxes the sciatic nerve and fade away the ill effect of long commutation and sitting,”

  • Sit up tall with the soles of the feet touching and knees spreading open,butterfly
  • Bring the feet in toward the pelvis and clasping your hands around your feet.
  • Flap the knees up and down several times like butterfly wings,
  • Sit still and focus the weight of the hips and thighs into the floor, with steady breathing and nice smile.

Repeat the flapping at least 30 times in a stretch.

So practice it with ease and get the benefits to relish your life…..



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